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Traditional Droewors in Gloucester

Piri Piri Droewors

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Paul uses a unique blend of herbs and spices, with a little warmth and a hint of clove to get your mouth watering, but not burning. Marinated in authentic South African spices, and held in natural casings, to really bring out the flavours of our 100% British beef.

A thin sausage made for chewing and contemplation! 

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Heat guide: A little warmth to make it moreish

This product contains: Gluten, MSG, Additives, Allergens and Preservatives 

All our Droewors are naturally high in protein, made with 100% British silverside beef, handcrafted in Gloucester. 

N.B. Order Mon-Thu by 12 noon and your biltong will arrive the next day🥳


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